A fifth generation farmer is launching a "virtual farmers market" to make it as easy to buy food from local producers on the internet as it is from the big supermarkets' websites. More than 350 local producers have already expressed an interest in Localfoodshop.com, said founder Anthony Davison, who is a farmer from Bedfordshire. Deals have been secured to link the service to popular websites, including BBC Good Food, River Cottage, BT and First Direct Insurance. The site, which is set to be launched in September, will enable producers in England, Scotland and Wales to list products on their own page on the site. Customers will be able to type in their postcode to search for and buy produce directly from a local producer. "Offline, the difference between a trip to a Tesco store and the small farm shop down a lane in the country can be pretty significant," said Davison. "But online, this difference can be one small click, and there is no reason why the smallest, remotest producer can't be as easy to buy from as the biggest food giant." Producers will be charged a subscription fee of £10 a month to list their products and the site will retain 6% of all orders placed to cover the cost of administration and credit card charges. Davison has also negotiated low courier prices for deliveries and will encourage producers to team up and form local hubs for deliveries and orders. Producers will be able to list their products on the site from next week in preparation for its launch.