from Matthew Nash, head of the Global Grub consultancy

Sir; I enjoyed reading your special feature on the world’s finest food retailers (The Grocer, November 12, p30-47).
I was particularly glad to see two non-European/North American retailers making the lists for finest supermarkets and specialist retailers.
However, being a bit biased, I think Asia Pacific should have had a greater presence.
Great examples include the new food halls of David Jones and the speciality stores of Simon Johnson in Australia; the diversity, quality and service of some Tokyo department store food halls; and even some of the small Japanese supermarket chains such as Seijo Ishii or Meidi Ya, where you are invited to buy fantastic fresh produce and innovative functional food. Watch out for the changes Ian Pye and his team make to Tops (CFR) in Thailand. 
Even in Central Europe small supermarkets such as Piotr e Pavel (Poland) make a welcome change from monstrous hypermarkets. The covered market in Budapest (technically not a single company) is a gastronome’s delight - in reality, a concession-filled food hall.