Condé Nast has revealed details of the typical Glamour reader following the responses to a questionnaire in the July issue of the magazine. The information, taken from a sample of 2,222 Glamour readers, showed the average is 26 years old and has an income of £25,750. Some 73% of respondents were in employment while ­ good news for retailers ­ 75% have bought every issue of Glamour. The top three magazines that Glamour readers also buy are Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Red. Simon Kippin, publisher, says: "We are delighted that our prediction that Glamour would appeal to the late 20s, early 30s age group has been borne out by this initial research. "Glamour's intention was always to appeal to this lucrative and highly desirable readership, which is an ideal audience for our advertisers." Condé Nast refused to confirm speculation that sales of the title have exceeded all initial targets, but said a publisher's statement will be released in the first week of August to coincide with the ABC results. {{CTN }}