Encouraged by the increased interest in the organic market, AOB Publishing is launching Organiclife, an alternate monthly magazine aimed at those in their late 20s to mid-40s who care about leading a healthier lifestyle. The magazine, on sale May 22, contains articles and product reviews of all things organic and natural, from food through to health and well-being to the home and garden and the environment. Francois Prins, Organiclife's editor, said the magazine is a response to consumers' growing interest in all things organic. "Over the past 20 years we have all become more concerned about the quality of food we eat and the way in which it is grown or raised. However information regarding our food production is still very scant and, for the real truth, we need to bring pressure to bear on all political parties. Organiclife plans to take a fresh look at the world of organics and natural living and to provide consumers with a forum to express their views, whether they are good, bad or indifferent." Included in the 84-page first issue is a study of standards of food in schools. Organiclife is supported by The Soil Association, Henry Doubleday Research Association and organic farmers and growers. Organiclife should be displayed alongside titles such as Healthy Eating. The initial print run is 30,000, cover price is £3. Organiclife will be distributed by MMC on full SoR. The launch comes after the launch of Organic, a quarterly title from WV that went on sale on May 17, with a cover price of £2.70 and a 60,000 print run. {{CTN }}