Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White’s attempts to forge a new food and drink manufacturing empire using endorsement from fellow cooking gurus will also tap into the approval of some of Britain’s most noble families, The Grocer has learned.
White last week revealed plans to team up with the likes of Jean-Christophe Novelli to make his dream a reality as he made his stock market debut by merging his company, Portfolio Products, with AIM-listed outfit Conival. But it has emerged that his plans will rely just as heavily on input from Britain’s nobility.
The first blue bloods to lend their name to products include the Duke of Marlborough, set to approve a range of cheeses and ‘Blenheim Banger’ sausages, and
the Earl of Sandwich, who will help develop a range of chilled sandwich fillings.
The Earl also plans to lend his family’s titled seat to a portfolio of relishes and chutneys, while White, who owns a string of London restaurants, including the world famous Mirabelle, is also tapping the Marquis of Bath to endorse a mineral water brand sourced from the city.
Taglines such as ‘By Marco Pierre White for the Earl of Sandwich’ will be included on packs, the first of which are planned to reach market before the end of the year. Boxes of ‘Mirabelle’ chocolates are also set to make an appearance.
Meanwhile, French star Jean-Christophe Novelli will create a range of ice cream from Italy, while Chinese cookery guru Nancy Lam and curry king Vineet Bhatia are also on board. Novelli will also produce a range of health foods with TV fitness guru Matt Roberts.
White, who claims to have held “extremely positive” meetings with supermarket chief executives, said: “Most chefs turn up to the opening of a crisp packet and slap their name on any product. I would not. This is about products of a very high standard at a fair price.”
Oriental food specialist Blue Dragon has timed a new TV advertising campaign to coincide with the start of the Chinese New Year. The commercial, which was due to be aired for the first time yesterday (January 21), is part of a £4m campaign to boost the brand this year. The animated ad features a woman struggling to live up to the expectations of a mother-in-law. Just when she can see no way out, the Blue Dragon provides recipe solutions.
Simon Mowbray