The Meat and Lifestock Commission has unveiled the second phase of its controversial £4.6m pig meat advertising campaign. And it claims reaction to the campaign's initial stage has been exactly as planned. Ads set to run in national newspapers on July 7, 12 and 13 show pictures of pork with the line: Looking at the pork won't tell you how the pig was treated.' This is followed by the British Meat Quality Standard Mark and the strapline: But this will.' There are similar versions for bacon and ham. The first phase in May focused on inhumane conditions suffered by some overseas pigs and the claim that some are fed on animal parts. It provoked outrage from international suppliers. MLC's retail trade manager Maurice McCartney said phase one had been designed "to shake consumers out of complacency". He added that the MLC's research had identified a positive response. "Many people want to know more about pig welfare." The campaign runs until the autumn. {{P&P }}