Morning Noon & Night founder and chairman Eddie Thompson is predicting a £1m profit for the company this year for the first time ever. With 11 months of the financial year already gone, Thompson is confident the target can be broken. "Considering we started less than nine years ago from scratch, and the massive increase in multiple competition over that period, it shows just what can be achieved if you can find the right niche in the retail market," he said. The company now has 40 stores in Scotland employing 675 staff with a current turnover of £35m ­ making it the largest independent convenience store operator north of the border. Last year MN&N was named within the top five of the Elite 20' fastest growing new companies by Scottish Enterprise. The expansion is set to continue further. Thompson is offering commission of between 1% and 2% to any individual providing details of new or existing sites that can be brought under the MN&N fascia. He is looking at a number of further potential sites, but would not confirm numbers. "It could be one, it could be 15. It all depends on the quality of the units," he said. MN&N now has Bank of Scotland cashpoint machines in all but three of its c-stores. The company said the three recently acquired Highland stores were trading well and refurbishments at a number of stores had produced increases in sales and profits, some by more than 25%. The secret of success was down to five basic management mantras, said Thompson ­ handpicked managers; store quality; strategy; running a private company as though it were a plc; and innovation. Thompson said he has nothing to fear from the multiples moving into the convenience sector. "Only we can respond to local needs," he said. {{NEWS }}