Credited with the confectionery launch of the year, Nestlé ¨as been carving niches and seeking out new channels
Nestl鬠which has a 19% share of the UK confectionery market, says its focus for 2002 in the UK has been on its core 10 brands ­ Kit Kat, Aero, Yorkie, Rolo, Rowntrees, Polo, Smarties, Milkybar, Quality Street and After Eight.
However, it has also been edging into new markets, most recently with its first cereal bar, Rowntrees Fruitsome.
Graham Walker, Nestlé ’owntree sales communications manager, says: "We're continually looking for new areas to expand our confectionery business and have a dedicated team of new business executives sourcing additional trade channels, primarily in the ever-expanding leisure and pleasure industry."
In the UK, Nestlé ©s also looking to reach the consumer through non-traditional channels such as leisure centres.
"Our core trade channels for confectionery sales remain the multiple grocery, multiple convenience (including forecourts) and wholesale and independent retailing channels, but we're always looking for new opportunities to provide consumers with the right snacking solution whenever, wherever and however they want it," says Walker.
Of course, the company also launched its first totally new chocolate bar for five years, Nestl頄ouble Cream. "This is real innovation ­ the only way to really achieve genuine category growth in the confectionery market," says Walker.
Nestlé ©s also trying to move the market away from price-marking and near continual deals'.
"Constantly promoting confectionery leads to a devaluation of the category and that should only be implemented on a short-term basis," says Walker.