The Brits play Broadway The Brits arrived at New York's annual Summer Fancy Food Show determined to pull out all the stops to celebrate the magnificent job' of UK exporters, and launch the FFB Foodie Awards. Clive Beddall was there The Brits arrived in Manhattan in shouting mood for the 47th annual Summer Fancy Food Show in New York this week ­ determined to give the very best of our food and drink the full razzmatazz as Food from Britain stepped up its PR campaign in North America. FFB chairman Gordon Summerfield told guests at the awards evening at the British Consulate in Manhattan: "We are here to shout about British exporters who do a magnificent job exporting to the world." The highlight of the offensive was the first ever FFB Foodie Awards, designed to recognise the innovation, creativity and excellence of companies and brands that are building successful businesses in the US and Canadian markets. Presenting the Award for Export Excellence to Coombe Castle International md Glyn Woolley, Summerfield said the Devon based company's growth into new markets had resulted in sales rising by more than 75% in three years. The award for the most innovative product at the show, sponsored by The Grocer, was presented by the editor Clive Beddall to Shere Khan Foods of Cheshire for its Tikka Marinade. The trophy for the best new product of 2001 went to cinnamon flavoured Altoid mints, a British product which in recent years has become part of US food industry folklore. It's a brand worth over £100m, several times its UK size. Brand Builder of the Year was won by Boddingtons Pub Ale, described by FFB US president Steve Dawson as a brand which has tailored its sales and marketing to satisfy the American consumers. He added: "The company has invested in British sales and marketing people to evangelise for the brand in the US. "The marketing team recognised that a quality product served in upscale bars and restaurants was an essential first step before it could be sold in supermarkets. Average compound annual growth has exceeded 24% a year for the past three years." The winner of the Brand to Watch in 2002' award was Colman's English Mustard. The UK's consul general in New York, Tom Harris, told guests: "It's a venerable English brand and its owners have set ambitious plans for growth." FFB's award for the Food Lovers' Destination Store went to the Food Emporium Bridge Market store on Manhattan's East Side. {{NEWS }}