Philpot Foods has brought out the first chilled fresh chocolates in a can, to be marketed under the Elizabeth Shaw brand and sold from chiller cabinets beside sandwiches and drinks. The can contains six fresh Belgian chocolates and has a 12 month shelf life (rsp: £1.49). Millifoods (run by Shelagh Milligan, wife of comic legend Spike Milligan) has teamed up with Giles Foods to produce a range of frozen vegetarian ready meals, including Carpenters Pie and Tudor Mushroom Stew (rsps: £1.99-£2.49). Vodka premix drink Wee Beastie, which is popular in Scotland, is poised to launch a second product, Iron Beastie. Glasgow based company Odonna was showing a sparkling alcoholic fruit drink, Swede, that is a big hit in Scandinavia. It comes in three flavours ­ apple, pear and elderberry ­ with a 4.5% abv (rsp: £1.40-£1.45). Australian sparkling vitamin water drink Plunge is aiming for UK distribution. Plunge comes in Orange Burst, Citrus Ice, Lemon Splash and Lime Frost, all with added vitamins. (Rsp: 65p-75p for a 330ml bottle). Yakult hopes to bring more of its Japanese functional drinks to the UK. It trialled two energy drinks at IFE: Hi-Line, a peach flavoured drink with fibre and iron for women, and Toughman, with ginseng, amino acids and vitamins for men. Dutch company Nutricia is bringing chocolate drink in a can Chocomel to the UK. It is also bringing out its Drink Fit yogurt smoothie in a bottle format. Juice specialist Stute Foods made its first move into cans with Iso Light, a grapefruit and lemon isotonic drink, and has launched ACE, a vitamin enriched orange, carrot and lemon drink. Mineral water brand Spa introduced the new Kinji brand of flavoured milk and mineral water drinks in strawberry & raspberry, apple & peach and orange & pineapple. The Booja-Booja Company launched two organic, dairy and gluten free, vegan Easter eggs. {{NEWS }}