Golden Wonder is courting controversy by sexing up kids’ bagged snacks brand Nik Naks with an aphrodisiac-laced limited edition.
Naughty ‘N’ Saucy flavour is claimed to be the first savoury snack to contain the Chinese herb ginseng, said to help boost the libido.
The tomato-flavoured knobbly sticks of corn are rolling out now (rsp: 27p a pack) and will be available until the end of March. A six-pack format will be sold exclusively in Asda.
To boost its sexy credentials Golden Wonder is encouraging retailers to merchandise the new snack on the top shelf and asking consumers to email news about what happens after they eat the snack. Golden Wonder category marketing controller Jon Anstey said he did not believe the new snack would receive complaints. “It’s a bit of fun targeting 16 to 24-year-olds around Valentine’s Day. We’re not setting out to offend.”