A new mineral water brand which has been chosen by Bob Geldof to be the official water at Live 8 has not secured any retail listings, despite the millions of pounds worth of free exposure it will secure at the event.
One water - which will be seen on the Hyde Park stage at Live 8 on July 2 when Madonna, U2 and Coldpay are among bands playing and at Make Poverty History in Edinburgh - donates profits to build water pumps in South Africa. It is backed by celebrities including actress Claire Goose and the new Dr Who, David Tennant, whose faces are pictured on the back of the 500ml bottle.
Company founder Duncan Goose, brother of the actress, blamed an inflexible and slow-
moving NPD programme at the multiples for the lack of listings as The Grocer went to press.
“To miss out on the publicity this will generate has to be a major disadvantage for any retailer,” he said. “People have to get on board now to meet demand in a few weeks’ time, but the grocers only have category reviews a couple of times a year so they can’t act fast enough. They are hindering themselves through their structure and lack of speed.”
One beat off competition from major players in the £270m UK mineral water market, who would have been able to pay lucrative sums for a presence at Live 8, to win support from organisers Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith.
Debbie Scorah, marketing manager for Live 8, said: “We could have had a major brand, but we wanted to support One’s aim of helping the Roundabout Playpumps project.”
Goose gave up an advertising career at JWT to start the brand, which is bottled at Radnor Hills mineral water company in Powys, Wales, after learning that one billion people do not have access to clean water.Aun-tea attempts to give her friend a blind taste test for Tetley’s Decaffeinated tea, in the company’s latest ad, but it doesn’t go quite to plan.
Left on her own, the blindfolded tester becomes disoriented, drinking water from a vase instead of the mug and then falling over, ending up on the floor in a heap. The ad, to be launched at the beginning of July, is one of six ‘quick burst’ 10-second ads running throughout 2005 as part of a £4.5m campaign for Tetley’s green, fruit, herbal and standard teas as well as new products.
Claire Hu