St Ivel is adding to its Shape range with the launch of custard and sponge chilled desserts, despite the brand's impending handover to Danone.
The French dairy giant, which bought the beleaguered diet brand for £32m last month, is due to take the reins early next year. Until then, manufacturing and marketing of the products will stay in the hands of St Ivel.
Low fat Sticky Toffee and Raspberry Shape Sponge and Custard 120g twin pots are due to hit chiller cabinets in the next few weeks.
Both can be eaten hot or cold and continue the sector's trend towards indulgent flavours, where Mississippi Mud Pie and Banoffee desserts, chocolate and toffee yogurts, and trifles have joined the Shape range since its £6m relaunch in February.
The two new products are aimed at younger consumers although they have not yet paid dividends in sales as the brand has continued to lose money.
Danone md Mark Grosselin has declared plans to "wake up" Shape and the company has promised several new products in the pipeline.
The acquisition has boosted Danone's share of the UK yogurts, chilled desserts and probiotic drinks market to around 9%.
Meanwhile, St Ivel is also set to unveil updated packaging for its Cadbury desserts range.
On shelf from September 16, the new look aims to give a more consistent design across the range.
It focuses on the Cadbury's master brand, as well as differentiating between light and standard products.