Nutrinnovator Holdings, the producer of nutritional products including Altu and Altu Black, has reported a turnover result of £138,1243 for the six months ended September 30, compared to £6,722 in 2003.

The company’s success has been put down to the appointment of sales broker, Food Brokers Limited, to improve Altu’s food bar sales, which resulted in a new listing in Boots from October 2004. Altu Black premium cola was also launched in a London test market prior to its national roll-out in Spring 2005.

The company has also agreed a joint venture with Provexis Limited to develop a new heart healthy product for launch in Summer 2005.

Stephen Moon, managing director of Nutrinnovator, said: “The Group has achieved considerable progress in the last six months. This is despite the disruption caused by our flotation in June and the slower than expected initial sales of the Altu food bar.

“We believe the wellbeing food category has great growth potential and we are actively pursuing a number of exciting development opportunities in our space which we believe can further add to our innovation portfolio.”