GlaxoSmithKline claims it is breaking new ground in the dental care arena with the launch of the first all-in-one multi-action and whitening toothpaste. Until now, consumers had to choose between brushing with an all-round protection formula or whitening pastes which promise a brighter smile. But GSK said new Aquafresh Multi-Action Whitening could change the habits of millions of health- and image-conscious consumers. It said the complete care market was currently growing at the rate of 5% a year but that its new product could provide scope for even greater growth. A £2m support package for the brand starts on Monday with a four-week TV advert run. The ad, No Compromise', features a newly married couple discovering the new brand as they shop at the dental fixture and discovering it suits both their needs. The new brand is available in 50ml tubes (rsp: £1.49), 100ml tubes (£2.49) and 100ml pumps (2.99). {{MARKETING - P&P }}