From Norman Brodie, marketing director, Coca-Cola Enterprises

SIR; Just to clarify, following the letter from Ian Hills (The Grocer, September 24, p27), the Minute Maid 100% Pure Squeezed Juice in 1 litre PET carafes just launched in Great Britain is a not-from-concentrate blend.
It won the coveted French Saveur de l’Année 2005 taste award in the orange not-from-concentrate category.
It contains only the natural sugars from the oranges - no added sugar and no added sweeteners.
Minute Maid Froot Refresh in 330ml PET bottles is a juice drink, made with 50% water and 50% fruit juice (from concentrate).
Froot Refresh was specially formulated to meet consumer demand for a refreshing, lighter drink for occasions when pure juice might seem too heavy.
Our 100% Pure Squeezed Juice is available in fortified and unfortified variants and Froot Refresh in fortified only.
The vitamins and minerals existing in the fortified variants complement the nutrients found in fruit juices. Multivitamins help maintain overall good health.  Zinc is important for a healthy immune system.
Calcium is necessary for healthy bones. Over 40% of women do not get enough calcium on a regular basis; over 40% of men and women fail to reach the Recommended Daily Amount for zinc.
Our purpose is to make it easier for consumers to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.