A retail sandwich range aimed specifically at children is making its way into the chillers later this month in a bid to bring younger consumers to the category.

Organic sandwich brand Fresh Naturally Organic is launching the sandwiches, aimed at children between 18 months and six years old, under its new Fresh for Kids brand.

Two variants are being launched - an organic humous and carrot recipe and a sandwich containing tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise. They met demand from parents who wanted to give their children much more simple flavour combinations, as well as people with smaller appetites, she added.

The half-sized packs were made to recipes that were much more suitable for kids than most of the lines currently available, claimed founder Chantelle Ludski.

A range of children's salads is also being developed for retail.

"Our research showed there is very little out there in the sandwich market for children," said Ludski. "I have to give my son egg and cress sandwiches because the majority of combinations available are not suitable for children.

"Ham sandwiches, for example, often contain tomatoes and mustard, two ingredients not that popular with small children. There was clearly an opportunity to come up with something to cater for the children's market."

The UK sandwich industry is worth £5.25bn but sandwiches aimed at kids make up a small percentage of that, according to Jim Winship, director of the British Sandwich Association. The majority of sandwiches were bought by adults at lunchtime, he said.

Fresh Naturally Organic's concept could appeal to tourists and would work in the London area, he said. "It is an interesting concept. I'll be fascinated to see how the launch goes."

The sandwiches will be launched into Boots on 21 July at an rsp of 99p to £1.05 compared with the company's standard sandwiches, which start at £2.30.