The Organic Spirits Company is expanding its range following the success of two earlier launches and the growing interest in all things organic. It has found an organic source for rum in Paraguay and is planning to bring out white and spiced variants under the Papagayo brand. Organic Spirits has been established since November 1999 when it launched Juniper Green gin and Utkins UK 5 vodka on an exclusive three month deal through Sainsbury. Since then it has won acclaim and listings. Chief executive Chris Parker is sorting out the final details but hopes to have the two new rums ready for launch by the end of the summer. "It is important to keep the impetus going. Customers have been asking us when we were going to add to the range. They like the basis of the products and there are no alternatives. "We have been searching high and low and we think we have come up with the best option. We found someone growing sugar cane organically and then someone else who could distil it organically. "We want to make sure we can get the product right, and so we think it is worth delaying the launch." Both will sell at a slight premium to the brand leaders in their categories. The white rum will have an rsp of £12 and the spiced rum will be around £13.50. Mock ups were on show at IFE this week Parker said he was looking at other spirit categories, but would not be providing an organic Scotch because the costs are too high. {{DRINKS }}