The OXY medicated skincare range has had a facelift, complete with a new logo, red packaging and teenager-friendly product descriptors.
Rolling out now, the reformulated six-strong core range’s new image is aimed at simplifying both the range and the fixture, making its easier for consumers to identify the products they need. Each product now sports a descriptive phrase reinforcing its usage. Daily Cleanser tells users to ‘get fresh’, while Daily Face Wash invites them to ‘get wet’. Wipeout pads carry a ‘get it off’ message while In the Shower says ‘get steamy’.
At the treatment end of the range, OXY 10 carries the line ‘maximum strength spot treatment’ and pimple cream On the Spot is described as ‘Direct action treatment for spots’.
A support package of nearly £1m is likely to include cinema and press advertising and interactive activity. The campaign is due to start in the spring.