Pomegranate juice drink brand Pomegreat is sporting a new look for summer 2005 to encourage more consumers to choose pomegranate over alternative juice flavours and to enable the company to bring out new variants.
The company has dropped its brightly coloured packs, opting instead for white cartons for more shelf stand-out.
Its pomegranate & blueberry variant will now carry a blue strip of colour, while its original juice drink will have a yellow band to better differentiate between the two products.
“The old packaging was extremely successful, but we recognise that we need to stay ahead of the market. We are confident that this redesign, based on robust consumer research, will help us continue to build sales,” said Pomegreat creator Adam Pritchard of RJA Foods.
The new design includes increased prominence of the endorsement from Heart UK, the cholesterol charity, emphasising one of the health benefits associated with the drink.
Pritchard said the packaging fitted in with the company’s plans to launch new products in the near future.
“It gives us the flexibility to introduce new flavour variants with excellent visual appeal while maintaining a consistent approach across the range,” he said.
Exotic juice drinks supplier, Rubicon is also undergoing a £3m revamp, including a new pack design, new logo and a distinctive hummingbird brand icon to boost the ambient fruit drink category.
Both relaunches are planned for next month.
Stefan Chomka