Christmas will be sweet, organic, sophisticated and fun according to some key retailers and manufacturers. In the run-up to the festive season, stores look set to be full of pogo sticks, DVDs, and extra-posh food. And they're ready to cash in on the trend for shoppers to treat themselves and trade up. Safeway promises its best ever Christmas, led by its new product development team which is concentrating on improving the quality of own brand products. It acknowledges that many consumers go elsewhere for posh Christmas food and is trying to woo them back with its The Best range of products and party food. Tesco says that shoppers can choose a completely organic Christmas, with the addition of its extra organic ranges, including cranberry sauce. It is also proud of its Finest Smoked Salmon blinis, just one of its "fantastic range" of innovative products". Asda has high hopes for its Chocolate Panettone, the Italian Christmas bakery classic, along with its plants and flowers section, which it says will be key for the chain this Christmas. Chocolates are always a winner, and the big confectionery firms hope for a bumper year. Nestlé is going big on its new All Stars, Celebrations-style box of kids sweets (including Smarties and Fruit Pastilles) as well as its Purple Big One ­ a bigger version of the hazlenut in caramel from its Quality Street box. Cadbury Trebor Bassett has designed a new 900g Heroes tub in an oval shape with a transparent front panel to complement the 1.5kg XXL Tin launched last year. Its Roses brand range has re-designed packaging on standard cartons and bulk assortment packs, and the brand has a new product mix. Kraft Foods predicts that the two biggest Kraft products this Christmas will be Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball ­ a white chocolate orange ­ and the new tub of Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Segments. Meanwhile, Mars reckons its M&Ms fluffy rucksack, Maltesers Bucket and Blow Football selection box will be winners. On the non-food front, Asda is to upgrade 80 of its entertainment departments by Christmas with a 50% increase in the range of DVDs, software and music. Kwik Save is making a bigger investment in its toy offer and will be going big on last year's best sellers, such as an electric keyboard and teddy bears. In Somerfield and Kwik Save, big brand perfumes and aftershaves are also expected to sell well, and the range has been narrowed so that prices can be cut. After the success of the microscooter last year, the pogo stick looks set to bounce back into shops and could be the top-selling toy this Christmas. Tesco has already had more than 2,300 requests to stock them. Safeway predicts its exclusive Winnie the Pooh Christmas stocking at £4.99 will be one of the biggest non-food sellers, along with its The Force range of merchandise for boys. {{COVER FEATURE }}