Unpasteurised smoothie brand Puro is on target to hit turnover of £1m in the next 18 months and plans to widen distribution and launch new formats.

The brand, which shifts 5,000 units a week and has doubled sales in the past year, is planning new size bottles and a kids' line from September.

Petit Puro will be packaged in clear pouches to allow parents to see the fresh juice and for kids to engage with the product, said MD Rosemary Cowan.

She claimed Puro was a unique product in the UK and Ireland as it used high-pressure processing rather than pasteurisation, which gave it a 21-day shelf-life without the need for nutrient-damaging heat treatment.

The roll-out plans come five months after Orchard House's unpasteurised I Am Fresh smoothie brand was pulled when it failed to sustain the level of sales needed for its six-day shelf life.

Puro, which launched in 2006, is currently stocked in 35 Waitrose stores and is rolling out across Selfridges next week. In Northern Ireland, the company is based, it is also stocked in Sainsbury's and Tesco.

Later this year, it hopes to roll out to a further 50 Waitrose stores and to expand its deal with Sainsbury's to the UK, probably in Scotland.

However, Cowan said a nationwide roll-out across all retailers was not a long-term objective. "If I can be a niche player in the premium end of the category, I'll be happy. Our future really depends on how rivals respond to our growth.

"We've already seen some brands go on promotion as we launch in new stores in what looks like an effort to squeeze us out."