Beap is to launch Woman's Weekly Puzzles on November 29, with a cover price of £1.50, in its latest franchise agreement with IPC Media. The initial print order will be 250,000. Woman's Weekly Puzzles will be launched as a one shot, with regular monthly publication scheduled to start in March 2001. This will be the fourth Beap title produced under licence from IPC in the past three years. Chat Crosswords, What's On TV Puzzles and Chat Puzzles with Prizes are already well established in the top 15 puzzle magazine rankings, according to Beap. The new magazine will be published in the conventional, smaller puzzle magazine format and is aimed at the mixed puzzles sector ­ the biggest in the market with an annual sales worth more than £12m. The design and editorial content will reflect its parent title Woman's Weekly. David Sergeant, publisher of Woman's Weekly Puzzles and sales director of Beap said: "The higher age profile of Woman's Weekly is a perfect fit with the traditional core market of puzzle magazine buyers, and we expect Woman's Weekly Puzzles to make a major impact. "The positive response from the high street and supermarket chains has reinforced this belief. We are also aware of the strengths of Woman's Weekly in the independent sector and are pleased to confirm that half the 250,000 print run will be supplied to the independents." Retailers are advised that to maximise sales they should display copies with the parent title and also in the puzzle section next to Puzzler Collection and TAB Puzzle Selection. Distribution will be through MarketForce. {{CTN }}