Congratulations. What does winning this week's Top Store award mean to you? It is a big achievement for the store. We have not won it in the time I have been working here, and I have been working here for 14 months. So we are very excited to hear that we have won. I am actually the fresh food team leader and am running the store while our manager, Phil Redioff, is on vacation. He will be happy to hear about it as well.

How long have you been working for the company? I have been with Asda for almost 25 years in many roles. Before coming to this store, I worked on mezzazine extension projects at our stores in Rotherham, Mansfield and other locations in the north west. That job was very different to what I am doing now, working in the store day to day. We had to complete difficult projects without disrupting the normal activity in the stores.

What are the biggest challenges for you in this store?

Simply delivering day-to-day availability for customers is a very big challenge. We do quite a lot of volume in this supercentre and we have been growing fast. It takes a lot of work to keep up with customer expectations.

What things at this store are you most proud about? The fresh food section, of course! Seriously, though, I am quite proud of my colleagues. They really take pride in their jobs and they work hard for the customers.

What exciting things are going on in the store at the moment? We are rolling out a 'Warm & Friendly' customer service training project right now. The idea is to help our colleagues meet customer expectations, which have stepped up. What we are doing is putting everyone through a one-hour seminar in which they learn techniques on dealing with customers, handling problems, and so on. We started last week with more than 100 colleagues and in the next three weeks we will have put all the colleagues in the store through the training - just under 900 of them.