Congratulations. How does it feel to win this week's award? It's amazing. Obviously we never know when mystery shoppers might come, so it proves that we are working hard and doing a good job every day for the customers.

How long have you been working for the company? I have been with ­Morrisons for 24 years. I joined the company right out of school and worked my way up the ladder, doing all sorts of different jobs. I have been a store manager for 16 years, including the past four years at this store.

What do you enjoy the most about the work? It's the day to day challenge of delivering for customers. There are 32,000 people coming through the doors every week and it's quite a rush, the job of meeting that challenge. The customers are more and more demanding every day and in every way. From the moment they park their cars, they expect that area to be clean and tidy - as well as the shopping trolleys, the availability on-shelf, the service in the aisles and then a friendly and quick cashier at the end of their shop, without long queues. It's not easy.

What major changes have you had in the store recently? About a month ago we renovated two areas: health/beauty/toiletries and home & garden.

The renovation has allowed us to increase our range by more than 200 products in the beauty section, for example. Customers were not used to it at first, but now they are becoming familiar with the new layout and sales are up from before the renovation.

We also started selling LCD televisions recently. It is not a big range but they are doing quite well. We are getting sales from customers who normally shop with us as well as pulling in some new customers that we didn't have coming here before.

What other major changes do you have planned for the rest of the year? No more that I know of. We'll be busy for the rest of the year bedding in the changes we have just made and gearing up for the Christmas season, which is not too far away now.