Congratulations. How does it feel to win this week's award? It's great to know we are doing well. We do try our hardest for customers as it does make a difference in a convenience store. We try to get customers in the store easily,

make sure they are able to shop quickly and serve them with a smile. So we do that as best as we can and we are always trying to improve.

How long have you been working for the company? I have been with Somerfield for six years, including the past two years at this store. I have worked at quite a few Somerfield stores all over the country.

What is unique about this store?

We have a real community feel to

this store. We have a good team of people who know the customers and that comes out in the service we provide. It is a point of differentiation that Somerfield is underlining right now and I think we do a very good job of it.

What do you enjoy the most about the work? The thing that I love is the variety. Every day is different and there is lots to do serving customers. We have 46 staff in this store, which is quite a lot for a small store.

What major changes have you had in the store recently? We don't have any major projects right now but over the past year we had the store refitted. We spent about £80,000 on it. Most of that work was painting and upgrading the shelves and fittings. We got a new bakery island, for example, which was completed in November.

What other major changes do you have planned for the rest of the year? None that I am aware of right now. That said, the new owners are currently looking at things so more changes may turn up. I know that they are trying to get the ranging right. We used to carry a lot of items that didn't move because people didn't want them.

So I know they have been working on trying to cut products down and match up with what people want. That is good, I think. It's all part of sticking

to what our differentiation is as a

convenience store.