The National Federation of Retail Newsagents is upgrading its promotional package for Quix stores from July through NFRN preferred supplier Blueheath. Rod Stevens, head of commercial operations for NFSL 2000, NFRN's commercial wing, said a national promotional package for all NFRN members would follow. Stevens said: "The national scheme will be launched in the last quarter of this year and is only available through Blueheath." Promotions will cover soft drinks, alcohol, grocery and ice cream products and possibly crisps and snacks. Promotional kits include small posters, PoS customer-facing logos and shelf-edge labels. Stevens said kits would be updated once a month. Speaking to delegates at the NFRN's annual conference at Bournemouth, he also revealed the NFRN would launch a loyalty scheme for Quix retailers in July. "Members can earn a cash-basis rebate of up to 1.5% of non-tobacco turnover. This would represent £1,000-£2,000 in extra profit per store." The trial would last six months, with roll-out to all Quix retailers and all NFRN members if successful. NFRN marketing manager Graeme Collins confirmed 208 NFRN members had applied to have the Quix make-over. Of these 81 stores had already been converted, with conversions begun on 97 others. {{NEWS }}