"This is the first time I've used a PSA and it's easy. Sometimes it takes a while for the scanner to read the product, but it is useful that you can make your list at home and send it to the PC here. I'm not at all worried about the security issue ­ I use the internet and I don't mind people knowing about me anyway."

Mr T Selvanayakam
"The self-checkout is quick. I use it all the time when I have a small number of things. When I've a trolley full I use the normal checkout though. The only problem today is that I have bought alcohol and my Payback card does not demonstrate proof of age so someone has had to come over and verify that I am legally entitled to buy it. That was a bit of a hassle."

Monika Pattberg
"The intelligent scales are practical. You don't have to enter any numbers ­ much better than before. Although generally I find with all this technology that the temptation is there to buy more than usual."

Andrea Muller, stock controller
"There is so much more information on this personal digital assistant than on our old scanners. We can change the digital ad displays hanging above the shelves, and the things I used to do from my pc in a backroom I can now do in the store. My job is more interesting ­ customers ask what I'm doing. And the new technology has led to more staff being taken on."