Mates Condoms is adding what it claims is much needed stimulation to the sex aid category with the creation of a premium range of products - with a price tag to match.
Mates Intensify will be the biggest launch in the number two condom brand’s history and is a three-strong range of stimulating gels and condoms that the brand claims will take sexual relations to the next level.
It is launching into retailers this month, supported by a £1.5m marketing campaign.
The range has been devised to encourage safe sex without being a barrier to pleasure and includes stimulating gel, in a 15ml pump bottle, which is designed to enhance female sexual satisfaction and has an rsp of £12.99.
A pack of three Sheer Pleasure condoms with three sachets of stimulating gel (rsp: £6.99) is also being launched.
The company has also developed a vibrating condom ring (rsp: £4.99) that claims to offer up to 20 minutes of stimulation.

ACNielsen would like us to point out that Buxton Mineral Water was omitted from the top 10 water rankings in The Grocer’s Top Products Survey of December 17, 2005. The brand was worth £22.99m in the MAT to October 1, 2005, and therefore should have appeared as the number five water brand. ACNielsen takes full responsibility for this omission and apologises for any confusion caused.
Silver Spring is relaunching its Perfectly Clear flavoured water brand to coincide with its 10th anniversary. A £4m consumer promotion, offering 5,000 prizes each month for most of 2006, will support the launch.
Nestlé is adding Omega-3 to its Munch Bunch probiotic Drinky+ range to boost the health credentials of the drinks.The brand is also launching a low fat kids yoghurt drink called Mega Drinky. Available in a strawberry flavour, it comes in packs of four (rsp: £2.29).
Kellogg’s Drop a Jeans Size campaign, which challenges consumers to drop a jeans size in two weeks by eating a bowl of Special K for breakfast and again for lunch or dinner, returns for the fourth year running this month.
Coca-Cola is kicking off the new year with a product sampling campaign for its Z range. Point-of-sale advertising with the theme ‘Love the Taste, Lose the Sugar’ will support the promotion.
Nescafé’s Original Half Caff and Decaff and Gold Blend Half Caff and Decaff packaging is turning blue this month in a £3m redesign. TV, press, bus and radio advertising will kick off in January for three months.
BUxton is number 5
It’s perfectly clear
AddEd Omega-3
Drop a Size again
Sample the Z range
Coffee turns blue