All major brands need to be refreshed periodically to ensure they stay at the top of their game. The Grocer is no different. And having got to this section in the magazine, you will have spotted that we have made changes to both our design and our editorial content.
Like all good brand custodians, we have not made our changes on a whim. For the past six months, we have been conducting detailed research to understand what the industry wanted from its premier magazine.
The answer was pretty unequivocal: More of the same please!'
Armed with the results of our research we have created what you see here today - a new look and plenty of new ideas. Our overall aim was to sharpen up the content and improve the design to make the magazine easier for you to read and digest.
The changes start at the front, with an updated masthead plus a more impactful and colourful cover design - but you will have already noticed that.
We have also tweaked the magazine's running order, and improved the branding of individual sections, to make it easier for you to navigate through the content.
In our research, you said you wanted us to provide even more data. So we have done that throughout the magazine - starting with our new Insight section, which comprises four pages of exclusive information on all aspects of the market. We have strengthened our news coverage and introduced our Movers & Shakers section. We have taken steps to make our features punchier and easier to read. Turn the page and you will find a weekly comment piece called The Saturday Essay - which kicks off with an article by Sainsbury's boss Sir Peter Davis.
The new features and design mean we have made some big changes. But I believe what we have done provides a real sense of evolution from what went before.
We are proud of the overall package we have created for The Grocer and believe it strengthens our position as the only business title worth reading in the food and drink arena. I hope you agree.