>>UK Petfood market growing in value

The petfood market is currently worth £1.67bn and is showing 3% value growth in the latest MAT. Volumes are flat year-on-year. Total catfood value sales are progressing slightly faster, up 3.7% against 2.8% for total dogfood.
Growth has broadly been driven by increased consumer spend, as penetration has remained relatively flat. Catfood buyers are spending on average an extra £3.31 a year, compared with just £1.30 extra within dogfood. Above inflation growth in average prices, driven in part by premium NPD, has contributed to this by helping to push up average consumer spend per shopping trip.
Within both markets, the continuing trend is migration from wet to dry feeding following the widespread consumer need for convenience. Nearly £1 in every £4 spent on catfood in the latest MAT was spent on a complete product. The dog complete market is even more developed, accounting for a third of total dogfood sales. More owners are solely dry feeding their dogs as product formulations advance to become more varied and enjoyable.
Although slowing, the move from multi-serve to single-serve is still apparent as cat pouch sales grow through double-digits. This has been aided by premium NPD and further development in multi-packs driving average consumer spend.
Within dogfood, a key market driver is treats, which have grown in value sales more than five times as much as the total dogfood category. Market leader Pedigree has performed well this year, driving the snacks and treats market growth through Pedigree Dentastix.
Within both markets, Tesco is the leading grocery retailer with 32% of the category.
Gemma Tyson, TNS Superpanel
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