‘I’d vote for Branson’

Geoff Futcher, Arborfield Stores & Post Office, Reading

Convenience Store

Size: 1,000 sq ft

?I bought the shop three years ago in partnership with three others and it came with a National Lottery terminal. Our Camelot sales rep says we’re bucking the trend of declining National Lottery sales in our area - our sales are going up. But people pop in just to buy National Lottery tickets and I have written to Camelot chief executive Diane Thompson about this. She doesn’t agree, but I say National Lottery tickets do not drive wider sales. And I think the margins retailers get should be nearer 7.5%. I wouldn’t think twice about getting rid of the terminal, but my partners are not so keen. Richard Branson’s People’s Lottery would get my vote to hold the next licence.

‘It’s done a good job’

Gurprit Johal, Johal Superstores, West Reading

Convenience Store

Size: 2,000 sq ft

?I bought my store at the start of this year and I believe a National Lottery terminal has been there for several years. I think about 70% of people who buy National Lottery tickets also buy other things, so they do act as a footfall driver. We are holding our own in terms of sales on a year-by-year basis. I think Camelot is very efficient and I like the way it works. Service is always very prompt; you order things and you generally get next-day delivery. The reps are very organised and very helpful. So I would say that Camelot has done a pretty good job and, if it maintains the same high level of service, why shouldn’t it hold the next National Lottery licence?

‘I’m still waiting…’

Kuti Ughayabalan, Consort

House Store, Reading

Convenience Store

Size: 1,500 sq ft

?I don’t have a National Lottery terminal, although I applied for one three years ago. A lady came to the shop and said there was no problem with me having one and that I just had to wait until it became available. In fact, the shop three doors away from me has closed down and has had its terminal removed, but I’m still waiting. I last heard from Camelot almost a year ago, at which stage it was positive that I should have a terminal. I definitely believe there are benefits to having one, because it does seem to attract more business. But I think someone else should have a go at running the National Lottery, because of the experience that I have had with Camelot.