The Badger Brewery has changed K&B Festive ale so it fits in more with its sett' of premium bottled ales. A bottling and labelling makover brings Festive, which Badger inherited from its takeover of King & Barnes some 18 months ago, into line with the rest of its offerings. A brewing change also takes the ale back to the style in which it was first launhed more than 50 years ago. Introduced to celebrate the Festival of Britain, the beer has won several awards over the years, including the 1995 Great British Beer Festival Champion. However, Badger marketing manager Rick Payne said it was time to return the beer to its roots, relaunching it in the original taste: "Festive's long heritage and award-winning provenance makes it a perfect fit with the Badger sett. The premium bottled ales category is outperforming all other beer sales within theoff-trade." {{DRINKS }}