RHM Frozen Foods plans to harness the might of the Cadbury brand with three new products in its frozen cakes and desserts portfolio from September 18. Cadburyland Buttons Cake (rsp £1.00) is targeted at children. The chocolate mousse filled, fondant-topped sponge comes with a bag of Cadbury's Buttons to add interactive appeal. The Cadburyland brand has been backed by a £3m TV ad campaign this year. Cadbury's Choc Stops are aimed at the snacking and everyday treats sector. The two variants ­ chocolate cake slices topped with chocolate or orange chocolate mousse (rsp £1.99) ­ take 30 minutes to thaw. They come in packs of six individual portions for smaller households and families. Cadbury's Hot Fudge Cake plays the convenience card. The chocolate curl-topped chocolate sponge and fudge sauce layers can be microwaved in three minutes. The launches will be supported by instore signage. RHM's first Cadbury sub brand launch was Marble Heaven dessert last year. {{P&P }}