An employment tribunal has awarded compensation to the former MD of St Peter’s brewery George Wortley, after finding he had been wrongfully dismissed.

Wortley was sacked from his £61,000-a-year job at the Suffolk-based company on the grounds that he was economically incompetent, that he was having an extra-marital affair at the company’s expense and that he he was sending pornographic e-mails.

Wortley denied the allegations and said he had been sacked to save the brewery money. Tribunal chairman Christopher Ash said Wortley’s dismissal was “manifestly and blatantly” unfair.

“Much time has been spent accusing him of being a pornographer and of being dishonest. No warnings were given, no reasons were given. There was no investigation, no opportunity for him to state his case and no appeal.”

After the hearing St Peter’s chairman John Murphy admitted the brewery had not followed disciplinary procedures.