Sales of honey have squeezed past marmalade for the first time, according to the latest figures from TNS Superpanel. Honey benefited from a 12% sales uplift to take total sales to £58.29m - £250,000 greater than the figure for marmalade.
Much of its revival is down to the Chinese honey crisis. Back in 2002, Chinese honey was outlawed in the UK after low levels of the banned antibiotic cholaramphericol were found. At the time Chinese honey accounted for about a third of all honey sold in the UK. The crisis forced honey lovers to seek out more expensive premium honey alternatives. But consumers have not been put off
by the higher prices. The volume sold was up 4% over the last year. The previous year, volume sales were up 9%, which helped the value of honey sales leap by nearly 25%.
Stuart Bailey, MD of Rowse Honey, said: “Since the ban, blends have been created without using Chinese honey, which are better quality and consumers have now got a taste for them.”
Marmalade’s origins go back hundreds of years as a method of providing vitamins when fresh fruit was not available. Sales are now struggling due to the decline in the breakfast occasion.