The quest for convenient healthy food has pushed the yogurt and pot desserts market into a rapid round of new product development and innovation over the past year, according to a report in this Saturday’s issue of The Grocer.
Sales have risen faster than the overall groceries market, boosted by a raft of new products and a significant rise in marketing spend.
Brand acquisitions in the previous year - such as Danone buying Shape and Nestlé snapping up Ski - led to aggressive advertising in 2003 and a 54% increase in total media spend, up to nearly £28m [Nielsen Media Research]. The trend looks set to continue too, with more than £3m spent in January this year alone.
The total market grew by nearly 7% in value last year, driven primarily by yogurt drinks and fromage frais, and is now valued at £1.7bn [TNS 52 w/e February 1, 2004].
Yogurt remains the largest sector and accounts for just over half the category, while yogurt drinks - at 8% the niche with smallest share - is showing the strongest growth at 46% [Information Resources 52 w/e February 21, 2004].
For more information, see the Focus on feature in tomorrow’s issue of The Grocer