Scottish frozen food company Strathmore Foods has given a new twist to the traditional Scotch pie with the launch of a new convenience product. The new savoury "pots" are based on a Scotch pie base but have been given three very different fillings. The most typically Scottish one is Haggis Neeps & Tattie which is likely to appeal to those who like traditional Scottish fare (as well as those looking for a Burns Night type of authenticity). The sausage bean and potato filling is aimed at families. And the chicken tikka pot (not typically Scottish at all) is aimed at a younger audience. They will all be marketed under the Countryside brand and will be available to the multiples (rsp: £1.29 ­ haggis and sausage & bean, £1.39 ­ chicken tikka). Colin Muir, director, Strathmore Foods, said: "We want to widen the appeal of the pie by introducing savoury alternatives that will attract a variety of consumers." {{P&P }}