Where health and beauty are given a makeover Taking the show's better for you theme further will be a large number of companies featuring the latest developments in vitamins, supplements, dietary products and toiletries based on natural ingredients and essential oils. New products include: - Immuno 8, an immune system supplement with various health benefits from New Zealand and widely sold in the southern hemisphere. Available from Kinesis Nutraceuticals. - Herbal creams from FSC Quality Supplements. - Silver, an essential trace element that helps fight disease, in colloidal form (suspended in water) in a dropper bottle and as a cream. From Earth Force. - Aroma-Feel, a dry air diffuser system that disperses essential oils evenly around the room. Ten new blends and a gift pack are available from Eve Taylor (London). - Organic lip gloss in three colours, from Lavera. - Sanoflore natural and organic bath and beauty products, now available with complete English text labelling. - From Nature's Dream, three leading Spanish products: Naturtint, a permanent home hair colour with vegetable ingredients; Stop Pic, a natural roll-on insect repellent; and E'lifexir Flat Tummy, a fruit sugar supplement that relieves bloated stomach symptoms. - An all natural liquid dispenser soap made from hemp oil, organic herbs and spices, from Simply Soaps. - Natracare organic cotton sanitary protection, manufactured by chlorine-free processes and without synthetic materials, from Bodywise. - BabyBliss, an aromatherapy range from Tisserand for mother and baby. - Nad's, a natural hair removal gel made from honey, molasses, lemon, fructose and vinegar that needs no heating. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}