from Sub-postmaster, name and address supplied

Sir; With regard to your coverage of c-stores protesting about Post Office terms, I would like to share my experience.
Prior to purchasing a post office, I was well aware of the problems postmasters were experiencing as a result of the loss of revenue from their traditional pension and social security customers.
A lot of these customers have transferred their allowances to their local banks.
This is now affecting our day-to-day revenue, which is continuing to go down.
The Post Office is trying very hard to introduce new banking, financial and other products to replace this lost income.
However, it will take some time before these products replace the lost income. In addition, some of these new products are new to our customers and they will need some convincing that they are competitively priced.
Just like any other retailer, when I manage the retail side of my business, I select a product or service based on the terms and conditions. This is to ensure that my customers have access to a good range of products and I am able to promote them at a competitive price.
It is therefore very disappointing to note the inconsistencies in the Post Office contract. The PO keeps 20% of my lottery revenue even though the local newsagent less than 50 ft from my post office keeps all of its commission.
For the majority of postmasters, these commission levels apply, but large multiple chains seem to keep all of their lottery revenue. Why are we treated differently? Are there different commission levels for other products?
If for any reason my customers thought I sold the same retail product but at two different prices, they would very quickly show me their loyalty - on the way out of the shop!