Secret Bites is the latest line from Sara Lee Bakery aimed at getting more people to snack from the freezer. Based on a successful US and Australian format, these are individually foil wrapped chocolate covered mini cheesecakes. Claimed to be a technological breakthrough, and the company's first snack, these 23g treats can be eaten straight from the freezer. Packaging, too, has been designed to go into a fridge's freezer compartment. A box of eight comes in two varieties: chocolate chip, and toffee and pecan (rsp £1.99). Launch support includes a £2m TV campaign at the end of December. "This is a major step in our strategy to grow the market. We expect Secret Bites to bring in new consumers and become a £10m brand within three years," said marketing director David Bolsher. Cake to Go ­ a four pack of single serve mini tubs containing cake, mousse and sauce in two flavours, chocolate and lemon ­ takes just five minutes to defrost. SLB was first to register the trademark and has come to a "gentleman's agreement" with Manor Bakeries over the name, used by the latter for its ambient impulse range. It does, however, preclude MB's sister company RHM Frozen Foods using it. Micro Danish Bars are mini versions of its standard Danish range (rsp £1.89). Available in a tray of four bars, each apple and blackberry bar can be snapped off and microwaved in 45 seconds. SLB's bestseller, the double chocolate gateau, has been launched in a light version. This 340g 95% fat free cake takes 30 minutes to defrost and retails at the same price as its standard line, £1.79. Micro Danish Bars and the gateau will be supported by a £250K women's press campaign. {{P&P }}