Shepherd Neame has toned down the controversial nature of its posters in a new round of ads for Spitfire Ale. The Kent brewer recently came under fire for the potentially xenophobic nature of its Bottle of Britain ads which had a World War Two theme. Last year London Underground refused to run them, fearing they would cause offence. However, the Advertising Standards Authority rejected complaints about three of the ads, ruling that they were unlikely to cause offence. Now the brewer is spending £500,000 on five new ads, still on a Second World War theme, which will go on Tube cards on London Underground throughout this month. The posters feature Winston Churchill, Patricia Potter (ex-Brookside) and the brewer's own managed house district manager Paul Hayes. Sales and marketing director Mark McJennett said: "This campaign will build on the success of the brand. It is the country's fastest growing cask beer and the leading ale in 25cl bottles." {{DRINKS }}