UK companies will move a step closer to global data synchronisation with the launch of the UK’s first standards compliant data pool this year.
Owned and operated by standards body the e.centre and developed by Global eXchange Services, the pool will serve as a huge electronic catalogue enabling manufacturers to share and synchronise data with trading partners, machine to machine, said e.centre chief executive Steve Coussins.
This will cut out repetitive manual tasks, improve accuracy and speed order management.
Currently, suppliers have to fill in scores of different forms to register a new product with retail customers because there is no standard way of describing products, said supply chain consultant for Masterfoods Walter Satterthwaite.
“The ideal is to get down to one form. That is the direction the e.centre and its data pool will be taking its members.”
Suppliers already registered with Udex, which has developed a data classification system favoured by retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury, will automatically get their products published in the data pool.