aStella Artois says its continued use of the “Reassuringly Expensive” catchline in a new television ad is still relevant to the brand.
The two minute ad, which breaks on Channel 4 this weekend, is part of Interbrew UK’s £38m marketing support for the brand in 2004.
Titled “The Pilot”, it is set in the First World War and tells the story of an English pilot who is shot down over France and escapes into a local bar.
He is betrayed by the landlord
who panics about a pint overfilling, wasting the beer.
Stella Artois, the biggest take-home alcoholic drinks brand, is heavily discounted for Euro 2004 but Stuart MacFarlane, Interbrew UK managing director for take-home sales, said research had showed it had the highest ‘worth paying more for’ score.
“The level of competition in the retailing and drinks industries is putting greater pressure on pricing”, he said. “However, despite widespread discounting of beer, Stella Artois still commands a premium price in the take-home market against other big lager brands.”