Marketing Director ­ Morning Noon & Night There seem to be fewer and fewer new products making a real impact on the soft drinks market. One obvious exception to this has been Sunny Delight. Although there were numerous availability problems in the non multiple sector on launch, the product has taken the market by storm. It is now a huge brand with "young and fresh" advertising behind it. Another successful launch last year was Ribena Smoothie, which has found its place in the market. When launching products or extending pack sizes, manufacturers should make available all the sizes they produce to all of the industry. Let consumers decide where they wish to purchase packs, not the manufacturer. One thing that we have noticed within the convenience sector is that the consumer is willing to pick up bigger packs, if they are at the right price. One such example is Coca-Cola cans in 12 pack. This pack has sold particularly well, pricemarked at £2.99. The convenience sector continues to give more space within stores to "one shot" soft drinks in coolers and this will continue. The 500ml now dominates many coolers. More than ever before, major brands and manufacturers are driving the market. I cannot think of one product in recent times which has come from outside the "big four" manufacturers and which has had any kind of national impact. {{FEATURES }}