All sales figures, from Information Resources unless otherwise stated, are for the year ending April 21, 2002. Types of store shown in brackets. l Bagged Snacks Golden Wonder/General Mills Bugles A cone-shaped corn snack in four flavours Launched: January 2001 (national distribution October, 2001) Sales: £7.5m (grocery and impulse outlets) Standard flavours haven't prevented this corn range from making a creditable dent in the savoury snacks market l Biscuits Fox's Echo A chocolate-covered aerated chocolate and biscuit bar in countline and multipack formals Launched: January 2000 Sales: £9.5m (all outlets) Adding a honeycomb variant and Fox's making its biggest investment in TV advertising are showing dividends. l Dairy Arla Foods' Lurpak Lighter A lighter version of the leading butter brand Launched: September 2001 Sales: £10.4m (multiples) Arla claims sales of £15m in total and says it expects the brand to achieve sales of £20m by September. l Ice Cream Masterfoods tubs range Snickers, Twix, Bounty, M&M's and Mars confectionery brands in 500ml tub ice creams. Launched: March, 2001 Sales: £11m (grocery and impulse outlets) Outperforming Häagen-Dazs in your first summer is a pretty good way to bring leading confectionery brands into the ice cream sector. l Sauces Unilever Bestfoods' Bertolli pasta sauces A range of pasta sauces and pestos made with Bertolli olive oil. Launched: July, 2001. Sales: £4.2m pesto, £1.7m pasta sauces (May 19, 2002, all outlets) They've not yet dented the sales of Dolmio and Chicken Tonight, but a £6m marketing budget and a Dallas-style generic TV campaign for the brand ensured a useful start. {{FEATURES }}