Well-being' drinks playmaker Taisho Pharmaceutical is relaunching its Lipovitan brand in the UK, backing its new assault on the market with a £2m round of TV advertising.
The Japanese giant, which sells more than two billion units of the brand each year in its home market, is having another crack over here following a faltering start last time around.
Relaunching as Lipovitan Vitality, the new and improved version, which contains a concoction of B vitamins, ginseng and royal jelly, will be supported by two new TV ads breaking on Monday (March 3).
The ads, set to run for four weeks, show regular people dressed as superheroes who get through the tedium of everyday life by drinking Lipovitan Vitality. It features the strapline feel good on the inside, look great on the outside'.
The stars of two treatments are shown performing dull tasks including the weekly shop and sitting through a tedious presentation.
Lipovitan marketing manager Alex Armstrong said: "The advertising reflects how we all feel on occasion when faced with everyday activities.
"Those monstrous and uninspiring situations won't go away but the idea is that with the aid of Lipovitan Vitality consumers will at least be able to get a natural boost."
The burst of ads will run in the Greater London region on Carlton, LWT, and Channels Four and Five.
One supermarket buyer told The Grocer: "They are brave to have another go at the British market but this drink is very big in other markets so they are probably right to do so.
"At least the brand will have the might of Taisho behind it, although huge success in Japan will certainly not guarantee success here."