Atul Kochhar

Atul Kochhar,Benares
Store cupboard essential:

PG Tips Breakfast Tea
This is essential for making a cup of Masala tea. These basic tea bags mixed with cardamom, ginger, milk and a bit of sugar make the perfect Indian tea.

Indulgent item:
High-quality cinnamon
Most of us will have cinnamon in our cupboards but in reality it is probably Chinese cinnamon called cassia. At Benares, I use Ceylon cinnamon because it has a lighter, sweeter flavour and the bark is lighter in texture than cassia.

Guilty pleasure:
Cheese on toast
It’s about as basic as you can get, but after using my palate all day in the kitchen tasting and trying, sometimes it’s nice to just have something very simple.

Michael Roux Jr

Source: Rex Features

Michel Roux Jr, Le Gavroche
Store cupboard essential:

Kikkoman Soy Sauce
This is such a versatile store cupboard favourite of mine, used on its own with raw fish or sushi, of course, but it’s far more than a dipping sauce. It’s a seasoning for roasts, stews, stir-frys and dressings. It also transcends different cultures and can easily slot into European or even French dishes. Having visited the main factory in Tokyo, I know how much work goes into making it. I sometimes put a few drops in ice cream to enhance the fragrant vanilla flavour.

Indulgent item:
Piment d’Espelette
This chilli pepper comes from the Basque region in France and is always there to hand when a dish needs a little heat and fragrance. They come dried in strings. I split one open and put in stews, ratatouille, tomato sauce and soups. They are very special and unique.

Guilty pleasure:
Amadei Chocolate
Especially Chuao. It’s not the most expensive around for nothing. The taste is rich, deep and long. Perfect for a pick-me-up.

Timothy Allen

Tim Allen, Launceston Place
Store cupboard essential:

Patak’s Madras curry paste
Chicken thighs in this are the nuts! TBH, anything in this is the nuts!!

Indulgent item:
Crema de Truffa
Whack this in your freshly cooked egg pasta - this stuff is to die for.

Guilty pleasure:
Snickers ice cream
Nutty caramel chocolate ice cream - what’s not to like here?

Ben Tish

Ben Tish, Salt Yard Group
Store cupboard essential:

Maldon sea salt
It’s the best, healthiest salt on the market and I love salt. I’ve got so used to it that I can’t even use table salt any more.

Indulgent item:
The Rare Tea Company green tea
Very expensive and I drink far too much (at work and home). But it’s addictive and nothing else out there touches it.

Guilty pleasure:
Colman’s horseradish sauce (sweet)
I love this stuff and use it as a condiment for many things. Obviously beef, but then on to all other meats, grilled or roasted fish, and in sandwiches.

Raymond Blanc, Brasserie Blanc
Store cupboard essential:

Pulses like barley and lentils as they are always good to make a quick easy meal.

Indulgent item:
Whole Camembert
It’s a delicious cheese.

Guilty pleasure:
Green & Black’s (dark chocolate)
I have a real sweet tooth and this chocolate is simply fantastic.

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