TARGET CONSUMER Kate Murphy, 30, is a community mental health nurse who lives in south east London. The gold wiring makes it look quite posh and expensive and it would stand out on the shelf. The colour is not very deep and it's a bit light for a red. It smells nice and fruity, a bit like berries, and the smell makes me want to drink it. However it does not live up to expectations. I found the taste was quite sharp and acidic and it's not as fruity as I like my wines. I don't get the aftertaste of fruit or berries at all, not like you do with a good Merlot. The best thing about this wine is the smell, and the taste doesn't match up to it. In fact, it's a lightweight one dimensional wine that I wouldn't buy again and I definitely wouldn't recommend to my friends. Rating out of 25 ­ 11 {{DRINKS }}