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Product: Thali meal kits and snack pots
Company: Thali foods

Price: Meal kits: £2.49
Snack pots: £2.79

The Thali range consists of eight meal kits, including four vegetarian options, nine impulse snack pots and a rice pudding-style dessert

Consumer’s verdict
Ian McLelland, retired civil engineer, 63, glasgow

The packaging is subtle and would probably catch the eye if presented in bulk on-shelf.

The taste and smell really tickle the taste buds and authentic is a good way to describe the products.

Unfortunately, I have a good appetite and always feel the quantities should be increased for these so-called meals for one. In this case, the rice quantity should be doubled and the sauce thickened.

The price compares favourably to similar products and I enjoyed both the meal kit and the pot meal, but would prefer to make my own and would not buy unless quantities are increased.

Score: 19/25

Buyer’s verdict
Valerie Aston, buying controller, Proudfoot

Initial reaction to these products was that the packaging wasn’t impactful. The base colour of the pack was bland, with a barely visible image in the background, and the picture of the meal unappealing.

However, cooking instructions were clear and informative and all the ingredients are of a high standard.

On tasting, the chicken was tough but the sauce was very good. As they are convenience ready meals, and despite their premium quality, I am unsure whether the products would sell at such a high rsp.

This range should appeal to high-income consumers who require a good quality, convenient meal.

Score: 12/25

Total score: 31/50